Here Jeremy goes with those names again. Well, y'all remember the cars don't you? That's what I thought. Besides it's a hell of a lot easier saying "Death Coil" to someone than "D&TS 7014" or "My Red Caboose coil car". I mean, I will eventually do another RC coil car. It may not be done for another 5 years though so, see, I'm doing everyone a favor here.

I mean, it must be the names that people remember and not the actual work, right? Must be with the way photos of my stuff get passed around.... Must be with the way my prices are blasted by folks. Wait... That's probably just the prices themselves... We'll get to that later.

Anyway, back to the names. Yeah, I like naming my cars. I guess I've kinda ruined it for anyone else that wants to do the same. (Brace for overabundance of named models) I usually try to make the name somewhat relevant though. I try to not go too high brow or obscure because I don't really care how smart you all think I am. That's just it. This is fun, this is my hobby. Unlike a few notable notables, it doesn't really get me all fired up to try come across as some super intelligent, overly fly individual. Does any of that stuff matter if my models suck?

So, what's in a name? I guess it's an easy way to identify someone or something. This car is called the Death Coil mainly because I was just spitting outlandish names one night and Death Coil For Cutie came out. This was subsequently shortened for obvious reasons but the other day while I was adding the little scribble tags on the ends, which are the initials and numbers of two of my former college teammates who have passed away, it kinda hit me that the name of the car eerily fit.

Take it for what you will. At least I'm keeping my cheesy names for my cars and not for myself. I think the  Adjective-Then-Name thing is for those with a slight inferiority complex which manifests in ridiculously unwarranted self-aggrandizing behavior. That being said, Verb-Then-Name is all good.

Oh, the price thing. Whatever, I'll charge what I want and what I think I can get. If I couldn't get it, I wouldn't charge it. All I need is one person to think my stuff is pimpy enough to buy it.

Ok, I'm done for now, I'll probably be back in another month or four. In the meantime, here's the Death Coil.

What? Oh, did you think I was going to come in here and talk about what I did to the car or what kind of extras I added? That's so eBay... Email is at the bottom if you've got questions.