At the close of 2009, I modeled this Pullman Standard 4427 3 bay covered hopper from various prototype photographs of UP 81633. This Hopper is unique in that the ROCK ISLAND (the original owner's) Herald and scheme has bled through a bad UNION PACIFIC "overlay" paint job. I thought it was a fantastic example of weathered hoppers and would be an absolute exciting challenge to model.

This hopper started out as a D&RGW 4427. I bought two of these Life like P2K cars in a sale on e-bay and strangely enough I bagged them both for an incredible price. I still have one in the Rio Grande Scheme that I plan to weather soon. This car however succumbed to a light shade of Gray spray paint and the D&RGW was gone and a new canvas was hatched for this "dual owner" project. I tackled the paint job by using inexspensive acrylics sealed with Dull-cote and I weathered the rest of the car with oils, pastels and acrylics before I added the appropriate decals and sealed the entire project with Dull-cote. I equipped the car with handcrafted cut-levers and brackets, Intermountain 36" wheelsets and the "humble old standby" Kadee # 5 couplers (which can be changed by the purchaser)

All in all, this was an invigorating project and I am well pleased with the results in replicating it's prototype counterpart. I've had a quite a few prestigious model weatherers approach me to inquire if this car was for sale. I posted it on a forum on New Years day of this year and have had propositions and offers made to purchase this car...So,.. I've finally decided to part with it. For Sale here in The Weathering Shop, I offer UP 81633...