The inspiration to build this model actually came from my wife, who spent some of her youth in northern Maine, and proceeded to correct me on my pronunciation of this railroad.  Bangor & Aroostook is pronounced "Bang-er & Arus-stik" apparently!  While living along the Delaware & Hudson main for a year, I also saw lots of BAR plug-doors passing by hauling paper to points south.

The only production model I am aware of to carry this scheme is absolutely fantasy, the X72 boxcar, which was never owned by BAR.  The color schemes of the original car as built in 1972/1973 were an obvious choice over the repainted orange versions, as it would make for a standout car on the layout.  No railroad goes through this sort of trouble on their rolling stock anymore in terms of painting!  So starting off with a Berwick boxcar shell from Branchline, a ton of Moloco detail parts along with a roof and cushion underframe of theirs were added, and the plug door scratchbuilt from styrene.  The decals are from Herald King primarily, and while difficult to work with given their age, they came out pretty well in the end.  I didn't reference a specific prototype photo for this model because I added the third door support in the middle-top of each door.  I don't know the exact date that these were added to the cars, so the assumption is that it was done before they were repainted.  The car number is within the roster series, and the weathering indicative of other photos from the same time period, around 1980.