When I was young, I remember my father always having some N scale trains set up on the kitchen table or on the floor. I would sit and watch them run for hours in a mesmerized state. I also recall thumbing through his stack of Model Railroader and being awestruck by the pictures, thus the beginning of my love of trains.

A little later in life I recall living in Glendive, Montana where Burlington Northern had their diesel shops and round house, I loved seeing all of the rolling stock and diesel locomotives. It was July 4th 1976 and I vividly remember seeing the bi-centennial SD40-2 and caboose sitting just outside the station on display, it was pure bliss for a 6 year old boy! About the same time I had an uncle that worked for Burlington Northern at the diesel shops, he asked me if I wanted to take a ride in the cab of a locomotive. Naturally I excitedly said yes, I think we moved approximately 10 feet but that set the railroad bug firmly in my blood. Somehow or another my grandmother caught wind of my fondness of trains and she would buy me coloring books filled with all sorts of railroad related pictures. I would spend hours meticulously coloring the pictures whilst dreaming that one day I would work on the railroad. Granted this dream never became a reality, but I still had the deeply seated love of trains, especially locomotives.

  As I recall we moved to Miles City Montana in 1980 and we had the Milwaukee Road diesel shops on one side of town and the Burlington Northern main line on the other, let me say this was heaven for a 10 year old boy! The orange and black of the Milwaukee and the cascade green of the BN were the stuff my dreams were made of.

I always had a train set of sorts around up until I was about 14 years old, that is when the music, cars and eventually girls took over. When I was 18, I joined the local model railroad club. Unfortunately the club was short lived, but I continued to pursue railroading in miniature. I had worked on a few plywood pacifics that never got completed on account of my young life was starting to take shape as an adult.

As I recall it was 2013, I was going to build the layout that had been eluding me since childhood. I was looking for layout ideas on YouTube one morning while sipping my morning cup of java, when I came across a video of Gary Christensen and his model works. Needless to say I was left slack jawed and simply blown away! I said to myself I want to do that, luckily enough he was wearing a The Weathering Shop tee shirt, which I looked up post haste. All I could muster was a WOW, it was totally amazing and rendered me speechless!

One great thing about this niche in the hobby is the many wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet and even become friends with. The willingness to share ideas and techniques and answer questions no matter how stupid I thought they might have been.

I am happy to share my work with you, I hope you enjoy the works as much as I enjoy presenting them for you!