Often misunderstood as having been “Conrail Blue”, these cars were actually built by FGE ( Fruit Growers Express ) for General Foods in 1974, and the blue was their corporate color at the time.  They were then leased to the Erie Lackawanna so General Foods could be assured of having rolling stock available when needed.  When Conrail was formed, some of the cars were quickly patched, often without much regard for neatness. These cars were eventually re-painted Yellow, and some of them had Keystone door openers added. 

360628 was modeled similar to a prototype of the same number, where the car shops used no less than 6 different fonts for the lettering.  This began life as a factory painted Walthers model in the Erie Lackawanna scheme, and I scraped off the molded details all around, right down to the door rods.  Everything was added back in using Moloco & Plano detail parts and scratch-built underframe details.  The decals came from anyplace I could think to find the right size ( sets from Microscale and Dan Kohlberg ), but were applied after the majority of the weathering to the white would stay fresh.  These cars were still relatively new in 1976, but quickly showed their age like this one, modeled as it would have looked in the early 1980’s.