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BNSF 430335 is a 4700 cubic foot 3 bay hopper manufactured by FMC in the mid-late 70's.  Many of these cars that now wear BNSF paint were originally BN, having been repainted some time after the merger.  The "circle-cross" herald denotes that this car was one of the earlier repaints, as the later ones carry the new "swoosh" logo.  This particular model is not an exact replica of the prototype 430335.  I started this model with a particular prototype in mind, but due to some unfortunate events (burglarly) all my prototype photos were lost along with many other things.  At that point this car became an amalgamation of several other BNSF 4700's.

The model itself is an Athearn RTR model, factory painted.  The model is quite nice out of the box and requires minimal detailing in order to bring it up to standard.  Proto 2000 trucks with Intermountain semi-scale wheels, Kadee brake wheel, Accurail hatches, brass wire cut levers, HiTech air hoses, and Sergent couplers completed all the necessary detailing.

The weathering was accomplished through multiple acrylic washes to arrive at the correct faded color of red, followed by several washes of raw umber oils to build up grime and streaks.  Dry-brushed oils created the dust gathering on the lower sill.  The hatches were spray painted white, then hit with hairspray, followed by custom-mixed acrylics through an airbrush.  When the acrylics were dry I used a wet stub brush and scrubbed off the paint where I wanted the chipping to appear.  The roof itself was many light layers of acrylics mixed to mimic the look of worn metal common on these cars.  Acrylics were used on the ends and hopper bays to build up grime, dirt, and dust.  Graffiti was all acrylics with a small amount of oils and powders to create the overspray effect.