BNSF 972 was built in August 1996 and was 12th in BNSF's 960-1123 order from GE.  All of these units were delivered in BNSF's "Heritage 1" scheme, which pulls heavily from the old Great Northern orange and green scheme.  Today, this scheme and the newer Heritage 2 scheme are known as "pumpkins" among railfans for obvious reasons.

These old C44-9W's built for BNSF have some interesting spotting features.  This is the only order BNSF made for the 3-window cabs, all others being 4-window.  These also feature double x-panels in front of the air intake grilles, whereas dash 9's made for other roads tend to have a single panel.  Several panels on the hood roof are absent on BNSF units. The radiator grilles on the hood are of staggered size.  The front and end handrails are full-width, while on later BNSF GE's the end handrail cages are rather narrow.  Smaller things, like a non-notched sill behind the step wells, can be found on BNSF units that are not on most other roads.

This model started with an Athearn RTR C44-9W that was heavily modified to follow the prototype.  It was painted and decaled, then weathered folllowing the prototype circa 2013.  Weathering consisted of acrylic fades applied with brushes, pin washes, filter washes, powders, and various other techniques
mainline lead lights side stack darkEDIT
cloudy side stack
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main consist front quarter
grain DPU
grain follower
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