BNSF 1668 is another of the venerable SD40-2's.  It was originally built in March 1978 as BN 8017.  It sported the classic Cascade Green paint with white nose stripes.  It served on mainline trains for years, frequently lashed up in large consists of other SD40-2's.  BN and ATSF merged in 1996 and BN 8017 continued on.

It was finally shopped in 1999 and repainted into BNSF's Heritage 1 scheme.  At the same time it was also renumbered to BNSF 8017.  With the advent of newer 6 axle locomotives, BNSF's SD40-2's began to be assigned to lesser roles like locals, transfers, and yard duty.

In 2012, BNSF 8017 went back into the shop for some upgrades, and came out sporting #1668.  It's previous number 8017 was given to a new ES44C4.  BNSF 1668's designation also changed to SD40-2R.  The original paint remained, but the cab sides were painted over and new numbers applied. 

BNSF 1668 has spent a good amount of time in the Northwest.  It was stationed at BNSF's Pasco Yard for a few years, where is saw service on the various locals that originated from there.  I was able to see it several times on a local that came to my town.  Currently it resides on the west side of the Cascades.

The model is a ScaleTrains SD40-2.  The orange that ScaleTrains used was far too red, requiring me to change it to the correct shade of orange.  Minimal detailing was needed.  I added the detailing to the cab roof, moved the horn, moved the speed sensor, and decreased the height of the middle radiator fan (per the prototype).  Weathering was accomplished by the usual means.  I tried to have it represent what the prototype looked like in 2016-2018.  The model features Railpro control and dual speakers.
1-main conductor lead sideRESIZE
2-yard over head rearRESIZE
3-cloudy engineer RESIZE
4-main conductor follower sideRESIZE
5-TP main conductor leadRESIZE
6-main engineer lead frontRESIZE
7-yard conductor followerRESIZE
8-TP siding conductor loneRESIZE
9-TP main engineer closeRESIZE
10-local winter resize
11-yard overhead frontRESIZE
12-main engineer follower sideRESIZE
13-main follower conductor sideRESIZE
14-TP siding engineer loneRESIZE
15-TP main engineer leadRESIZE