BNSF 1973 is a SD40-2, one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous locomotives ever made.  It was built in February 1974 and is still earning its keep over 30 years later.  That is a testament to how well-made these locomotives were.  The SD40-2 is powered by EMD's 16 cylinder 645E3 primer mover, which allows 3000 HP to six axles.

BNSF 1973 started life as Colorado & Southern 922.  Shortly afterward it was changed to BN 922 when Burlington Northern acquired the CS.  It wore BN colors, but kept a small "C&S" decal over all four number boards.  Remnants of this lettering can still be seen today.  In the 1990's the number was changed to BN 6370 and survived the rest of BN's history as such.  When BN and ATSF merged the locomotive was simply designated as BNSF 6370, and stayed this way all the way until around 2009.  At that point the number was changed to 1973, in order to make room for the ES44 numbers.  Many of BNSF's SD40-2's were changed to the 1900 series around this time.

BNSF 1973 has served in Washington for many years now, most often in Central Washington.  It ran out of BNSF's Pasco yard for many years, participating in all of the different locals.  Periodically the locomotive is sent to either Seattle or Vancouver for maintenance or overhaul at the locomotive shops there.  I shot the prototype in 2014 when it was on a local in my town, and have seen it several times since.

The model is a ScaleTrains Rivet Counter SD40-2, factory painted in BN.  The model was not correct for the prototype BNSF 1973, but with some modification it is close.  The prototype's nose is 81", whereas the ST model is 88".  I removed the nose and replaced with a Cannon part.  I also replaced the radiator grills with the "chicken wire" grilles, also from Cannon.  Various fuel tank details had to be reworked, as well as adding a waste retention tank.  The pilot details were also reworked to be more correct.  Factory cab roof detail was all removed and replaced with correct details for the locomotive circa 2014-2015.  Ditchlights were added as well.  The model is controlled by Railpro and features LED lighting and stereo sound, with a keep-alive to prevent power drops.

Weathering was accomplished by the usual methods: acrylic washes for the majority of it, with some small use of oils and powders to round it out.
1-main conductor front quarterRESIZE
2-yard cloudy engineer RESIZE
3-yard overhead cloudy conductor RESIZE
4-main conductor side RESIZE
5-main conductor front 2RESIZE
6-yard engineer rearRESIZE
7-yard conductor rearEDIT RESIZE
9-canyon overhead shadowEDIT RESIZE (no smoke)
10-yard rear quarterRESIZE
11-yard cloudy conductor RESIZE
12-yard overhead cloudy RESIZE
13-main conductor frontEDIT RESIZE