BNSF 942 is classified as a 8-41CW, originally built by GE in October 1993 for ATSF.  It was part of Santa Fe's "Superfleet" locomotives, painted in the stunning silver Warbonnet scheme.  Unfortunately, the paint that they used on these locomotives did not last, and any that are still found today in original paint are in very rough condition.  942 stayed lettered as ATSF 942 until 2004 when it was changed over to BNSF 942. 

Originally designated as a 8-40CW, BNSF 942 was shopped and upgraded in various ways, then changed to designated as a 8-41CW, because the horsepower was increased from 4000 to 4100.  It was also repainted at the same time (2008) into BNSF's Heritage 3 paint scheme. 

942 served in various capacities on BNSF until around 2012, when it was put into storage until it was called on again.  It was pulled out of storage again in 2014 during a power shortage, and was found all over BNSF's system.  Unfortunately that time was short-lived, and 942 was put back into storage at the end of 2014.  The ultimate fate of BNSF 942 is unknown to me at this time.  It could be in storage still, or it could have been sold off as other BNSF dash 8's have been.

The model is an Atlas locomotive that has been upgraded and detailed per the prototype.  Pilots were redone, etched steps, new exhaust stack, horn, new A/C unit, full underframe detailing, upgraded cab, and various other details.  The paint is factory applied.  Weathering was accomplished almost entirely with acrylics, and reflects how the locomotive looked when it ran during 2014.  The model has LED lighting, Railpro control and sound, and Scale Sound Systems dual speaker system.  The sound is quite stunning.
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