BN 449275 is a 4750 cubic foot capacity 3-bay hopper built by Pullman Standard.  It was originally built in January of 1980.  It first served with the Fort Worth & Denver Railway, but only for a short while.  In 1982 the FW&D was merged into the Burlington Northern Railroad and all of their rolling stock changed hands.  Sometime after this the car was repainted into BN Cascade Green and has kept that paint all the way until today, even after BN became BNSF.

The 60' car had a large capacity for its day, but has since been eclipsed by newer designs with higher capacity.  Its primary use has been for grain hauling, and continues that duty today.  This car, and others in its series, can be found on BNSF grain trains or in mixed freights.  Most still wear the original paint in varying states of decay, but it has held up surprisingly well for 30 years.  Often you will see these cars with new wheels on one or more axles.  This particular prototype had two replacement axles when the reference photos were taken so I mimicked that on the model.

The model is an Intermountain car, which is incorrect for the prototype.  The prototype is a Pullman Standard variant, and the Intermountain model is based on a Thrall model if I remember correctly.  The differences include the bolster braces and the roof walks.  I didn't change these on this model because I had the goal of relying mostly on weathering to achieve the look. 

The car was weathered by first changing the green using color transition fades, then adding various grime layers using oils and powders.  Patches, data, reflective stripes, etc were all added where appropriate.  Note the stickers still on the new wheel faces.
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