CEFX 70670 is a TrinityRail 3 bay hopper.  The prototype holds 5161 cubic feet and was built in 2005.  The 60 ft. 1 in. car is an one-owner car, having been with CEFX since new.  CEFX is the acryonym for CIT Group/Equipment Financing, a company that leases railcars to various railroads for whatever use they need.

CEFX 70670 has been used on BNSF for grain service and was photographed by me on the Yakima Valley Sub as part of an empty grain train.  BNSF carries empty trains eastbound on the Yak Valley Sub to Pasco yard, and from there to wherever they need to go.

The model is an Athearn RTR model, originally painted and lettered as a "BNSF Heritage" hopper (Great Northern).  The model was incorrect for the prototype heritage hopper, so I removed the factory lettering and added my own to better match the prototype 70670.  Weathering was done with acrylic washes, then acrylics to build up the grime on the bays.  Oils were used for the grime caked on the ribs...a hallmark of the CEFX hoppers at this point in time.  Powders were used selectively to further the grime.

Athearn Genesis trucks, Sergent couplers, cut levers, air hoses, new unloading bay rods, modified B-end cage, and repainted hatches rounded out the details.
proto B snow sunset
proto B snow sunset tightEDIT
Yard overhead
Yard B end
yard A end
main fall A end
snow side