For a short time CN 2182 could be seen with paint from three different owners: ATSF, BNSF, and CN.  2182 was originally built as a 8-40CW for the Atchinson Topeka & Santa Fe Railway in May 1992.  It was painted in the red and silver "Superfleet" scheme and was numbered as "841".  This locomotive houses a GE FDL16 prime mover that outputs 4000 HP to six axles.  In its day it was a powerful and hi-tech machine.

When BN and ATSF merged in 1995, the newly created Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway inherited all of ATSF's locomotives, including the 8-40CW's.  BNSF 841 recieved a simple "BNSF" patch under the cab numbers.  It otherwise retained all of its original markings.

841 continued in normal service with BNSF until sometime around 2008-2010, when it was placed in storage along with most of BNSF's fleet of 8-40CW's.  Here they remained in either LUGO (Laid Up Good Order) or LUBO (Laid Up Bad Order) until a system-wide power shortage occured between 2012-2013.  Many of the 8-40CW's were put back in service, though some either remained in storage or had already been sold.

BNSF 841 never made it out of storage to serve on BNSF again.  It was sold to CN in late 2011, given a few quick patches, and renumbered to 2182.  Shortly afterward it showed up on CN lines in original ATSF paint for a few short months.  Most of the dash 8's that CN bought from BNSF were repainted into CN colors immediately but 2182 was pressed right into work.  Surprisingly the original paint lasted another few months until April 2012, when it was finally painted into CN black and red and the old Warbonnet paint was lost forever.

The model is an Atlas Master Silver series, which was put through quite a bit of detailing to improve the accuracy.  It was weathered with a combination of acrylics washes to fade the paint, oils and acrylics to create the failing and oxidized areas, oil filters to unify the weathering, and powders to create some of the soot and grime effects.
Engineer rear snow sunsetEDIT
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brakeman side full snow sunset
Yard overhead side
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dark side of the moon
main fall follower
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Overhead main engineer
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