Cryo-Trans (owned by the MHW group) operates a large fleet of cryogenic reefers across North America.  These are used to haul anything that is perishable over long distances.  Several different types of these reefers exist but they all serve the same purpose.  CRYX 3469 is one of the more rare types, lacking an external refrigerator unit, and having a 10' door.  It also is not named, unlike the vast majority of CRYX reefers.  Without the external refrigeration unit, 3469 lacks any cooling source, therefore it relies on its insulation to keep things cool enough.  3469 is 73' 8" in length on the exterior, with 6854 cubic feet of space on the inside...larger than most of Cryo-Trans' other cars.

The prototype was photographed by Gary Everhart in 2013 and Glenn Laux in 2015 .

The model began as a Walthers 73' Cryogenic reefer, that was stripped of all paint and details.  Separate ladders and grabs were added, stirrups, door rods, brake platforms, brake wheel and chain, underframe piping and brake gear, new draft gear, semi-scale wheels, and Sergent extended shank lower shelf couplers as well.  The model was painted and decaled, then weathered appropriately.
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