EAMX 25710 is operated by Everest Railcar Services, Inc who is the second owner of the car.  It originally was owned by Ineos Olefins & Polymers, USA (ACMX), and sold sometime around 2010.  EAMX kept the same number but just slapped on new reporting marks.  I have no idea what the car carries now, as both pictures I have of it have no placards.

The prototype car is 58' 4" in length, with a 23569 gallon capacity.  The model is not a perfect match, but close enough for my purposes.  It is an Atlas car that I bought used for a couple of bucks.  I stripped the car, detailed the underbody with piping and hangers, added cut levers and Sergent couplers, semi-scale wheels, etc.  I sprayed the car with dark gray automotive primer, then proceeded to weather using oils to create the subtle rust coloring.  I used acrylics to brighten the colors and correct the gray.  The black patches were done with black acrylic, then overlayed with Future floor polish.  I decaled the entire car, and finalized the weathering with details and some mild use of powders
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