FBOX 505234 is a single door, excess height boxcar.  It was built by TrinityRail sometime around late 2004.  The interior length is a modest 50 feet, but with the draft gear and extended shank couplers the outside measurement is closer to 59 feet.  The excess height makes it Plate F.  The added height makes this car much more versatile than the older and much smaller plate C and B boxcars.  505234 has some very low-quality graffiti on it that looks like it was only part finished.  "Almost" is certainly a fitting tag for this prototype.  The opposing side was clean on the prototype, which is common for these newer TTX cars.

FBOX is a part of the TTX company, which also runs many other variations of TTX "Railbox" cars under other reporting marks: TBOX, ABOX, etc.  FBOX is only found on this model of car.  These shorter hi-cubes can be found in any part of the country, and make frequent and nearly standard appearances on most manifests.  As such, these cars are a must for the modern modeler.

This is an Exactrail car from an earlier release.  The Exactrail model is exceptional.  Most details are on the money, as is the paint and lettering.  The few things that I noticed that were off were the draft gear (wrong type), missing some very small plates near the ends of the car, and the underframe rigging was not correct.  But the rest of the car was perfect.  I changed the underframe rigging completely but elected to leave the draft gear.  I used Sergent extended shank couplers and fabricated my own hoses and hose hangers. 

I weathered the car by first Dullcoting, them applying 2-3 washes over the yellow with a lighter color yellow acrylic.  The prototype hadn't faded much since new, so I didn't fade it too much.  I shifted the yellow from the bright out-of-the-box yellow to a much more subdued color.  I cleaned off the reporting marks with a damp toothpick.  The roof was washed multiple times with a medium gray acrylic, then the seal paint was painted on using a very light gray.  Next I filtered the entire car with several very thin coats of raw umber oils.  Following that, I added grime around the ribs and along the lower sill.  The lower sill was done with very thin raw sienna oils, feathered out.  The prototype has a small amount of grime along the seams between the panels and the ribs, all over the car.  I replicated this by carefully tracing them with a mechanical pencil.  I painted the door tracks, added more grime, graffiti, tack boards, trucks and wheels all with acrylics.  Some light powders topped in off in just a few areas.  I added reflective stripes, Dullcoted the car, and then did a light layer of Future over the doors.  The doors on the prototype were still somewhat shiny compared to the rest of the car, and the Future helps to achieve that
canyon A sun
canyon coupler
canyon reflections
canyon river
Main A sun full
main A
main B tight
main B
main dark skies
yard A low
yard B side
Yard overhead