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FBOX 504593 is another 50' extended height boxcar, again made by TrinityRail.  Original build date was somewhere in late 2004.  Like my previous model, FBOX 505234, this car is extremely versatile in prototype use, and can be found routinely on manifests and locals.  Its size and height allow it to be used for many different types of cargo, and also allows it to fit where some larger 60'+ cars would not.

This is an ExactRail car, with only minor modifications done to the underframe and draft gear.  Correct brake piping and various other bits were added, including the characteristic air hose hanger found on cars with extended shank couplers.  Sergent lower shelf E's were used as well.

Weathering on side "A" (the more mild of the two sides) was copied directly from the prototype 504593.  Side "B" was copied from a sister car only two numbers away.  The graffiti on these cars can be anywhere from mild scribbles to end-to-end murals.  The second side allowed me to capture some of the heavier graffiti often seen.  The roof was done based on a amalgamation of several different prototypes, and was done in a lighter gray than other models I've weathered.  No seam sealant was present on the prototypes I copied from.

Weathering the car was done in the same manner as all my recent models.  Yellow was changed and subdued with acrylic washes, lettering cleaned, grime added with oils and powders, mild rust with oils, graffiti with acrylics, etc.  A unique weathering pattern found on these cars is the subtle grime build up along the seams between the panels and the external bracing.  I used a fine-tipped pencil to lightly add this feature.