When I was a kid I was fascinated by trains and had my own 4x8 layout in the garage. I'd spend hours out there tinkering around and building stuff. My first locomotives were in Santa Fe livery. I didn't live close to any mainlines so the only time I saw real trains was when we'd go on long family trips in the car. I remember seeing multiple trains every time we went through Cajon Pass, and I could see them in the distance as we drove through the Nevada and Utah deserts. Time passed and I grew up, the trains got sidelined and packed away.

Years later and now married with children, I was searching through some old boxes my parents had kept from my childhood and I found the box containing what was left of my old hobby. I brought it all home and decided to see if I could refurbish some of it. I'd always wanted to make my models look somewhat realistic, and had attempted some meager weathering when I was a kid. Looking around the net I happened upon sites such as MTW, Protoweathering (now Protomodeler) and The Weathering Shop. I was floored by what I saw and was hungry for more.

After lots of reading and research, I set about on my first real weathering attempt. One of my old Blue Box cars: a 50' ATSF. You'll see it now and again in the background of various shots. That was 4 years ago (2009). Since then I've been an active member of the weathering community and have learned tons from my fellow modelers. There's been improvement, but there is always more to learn!

I model present day BNSF for a number of reasons. I remember my old locomotives and wanted to stick with a semblance of the Santa Fe for nostalgia's sake. I wanted to model the present because it was something I could see with my eyes and know I was doing it (mostly) right. And, BNSF has so many oddball locomotives running around which I find very interesting, and very fun to model.

Enjoy your stay, and hopefully by viewing the models here you walk away with a few new ideas in the back of your mind. I enjoy this hobby and I'm all about sharing the fun I have with others. If I can help someone learn a new technique, then I'm happy. So many people have helped, and continue to help, me learn and improve. I intend to pass that along!