Nothing screams modern railroading like huge Railbox boxcars.  These cars can be seen everywhere in the country and carry a variety of loads.  TBOX 660491 represents a prototype that was built by Greenbrier around 2003.  It has an interior length of 60' 9", and an exterior length of nearly 68' thanks to the long shank couplers on either side. 

I shot the prototype in Wenatchee WA in 2015 and did what I could to match the model to the prototype.  I used an Athearn Genesis car, which is actually modeled off of a Gunderson prototype.  As such, the Athearn model with Railbox paint is a foobie.  The prototype Greenbrier car has one less rib per end, plus no end ribs on any corner.  The extra rib on the model throws off the spacing on the sides.  There should also be end ladders on the sides rather than grabs.  The heralds aren't in the right place because of the extra rib, and they are also the wrong size.

I decided to work with what I had rather than basically rebuilding the car from the ground up.  I re-configured the brake rigging under the car, and added everything that I could see on the prototype pics.  The couplers were replaced with extended shank Sergent lower shelf E's.  I added Plano cut levers and fabricated the unique air hose and hanger on both ends. 

The weathering was done with multiple acrylic washes to change the bright yellow color to the correct faded yellow.  The roof was painted with sky gray acrylic to correct the color, and lighter colored paint on all the seams to imitate the panel sealer.  I applied several filters over the whole car to provide an even layer of grime.  I then painted all the graffiti by hand using acrylics.  After that I added the minor scratches using oils, then did any detail weathering that I could find on the prototype.  Dullcote before and after
canyon B overhead
canyon side A
canyon side A wide
main side A angle
main side A pano
main side B full
yard side A
yard side a angle
yard side B
yard side B overhead
main side B
main side B angle