SRY 9361 is a 50' interior length Plate F boxcar, owned by the Southern Railway of British Columbia.  It was built new by TrinityRail in late 2006.  They came from the paint booth in vibrant red but have faded a bit over the years.  These cars can be found all over the US and Canda in mixed freights.  As with any Plate F boxcar they are capable of carrying a wide variety of cargo.

The model SRY 9361 does not follow the prototype exactly, as no pictures could be located of it.  The weathering and graffiti were taken from two sister cars.  The model is also not an exact match for the prototype.  The prototype car has a 10' door, whereas the Exactrail model uses a 12' door.  The length of the car is therefor slightly off.  Besides that the Exactrail car is a good stand-in for the prototype.

Weathering was accomplished by fading the car first with color-matched acrylics, then proceeding with panel weathering using oils.  Graffiti was done with acrylics, with oils for the overspray.  Additional weathering effects were accomplished mainly with acrylics, with sparing use of powders on the trucks and wheels.
1-Main side A - 2 EDIT
2-topp side B straight EIDT
3-canyon roof 2 EDIT
4-Main side B angle EDIT
6-Canyon side AEDIT
8-Main side A EDIT
9-topp side B EDIT
10-topp side B siding EDIT
11-yard side A EDIT