TTPX 806052 was built sometime during the end of 2004 to the beginning of 2005, by Greenbrier at their Trenton plant.  It is a 73 foot car with a 62 foot bulkhead-bulkhead length.  Several different variations of these cars exist with differences ranging from minute to completely different bulkhead design.  This group of cars was built with wood attached to the bulkheads, with the characteristic "lip" of steel extending beyond the top edge of the wood.  The deck is painted steel, though by this point their service lives, the paint has largely been scraped and chipped off, leaving a look that can resemble wood in many cases.

These are versatile cars, carrying basically anything that can be fit between the bulkheads.  It is common to see them on manifests coast to coast.  An interesting thing often seen on these cars is damage to the wood of the bulkheads, presumably from forklifts or other loading/unloading accidents.  This is typically seen on the lower third of the wood assembly.  Some have replacement wood which is a much different color than the rest, creating a nice contrast.

This model is an Exactrail offering that required no modification.  The details were correct out of the box, and the paint was excellent.  The car was weathered with mostly acrylics, then some oils for subtle rust streaks.  The ends are real wood, laser cut and supplied by Exactrail.  I stained the wood with several washes of acrylics, used a knife to separate some individual planks, and carefully created damaged areas.  Variations in colors of the individual boards was accomplished with acrylics.
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