YARR 4509 is a 50' plate C boxcar built by National Steel Car mainly for service in Canada.  Capacity is 5277 cubic feet with 10' single plug doors on both sides. These cars can be spotted by the unique diagonal brace on either side of the door. 

Originally built for British Columbia Railway (BCOL), it eventually found its way into the hands of the Youngstown & Austintown Railroad (YARR).  The car wears its original BCOL green paint, though it is heavily faded.  YARR removed the large placards on both sides of the car that carried the British Columbia Railway herald and sprayed simple patches to change the reporting marks and number.  Sometime during its service at YARR, the inevitable graffiti was sprayed over with a similar green paint.

The model is an Atlas Master NSC 50' single plug door boxcar.  It was factory painted for BCOL, and I kept the factory paint while removing all reporting marks.  The factory paint was then faded significantly to arrive at the desired color.  Oils and powders were used to create the subtle grime waves on the panels, acrylics and oils for the rust and grime, acrylics for the patch outs and graffiti repair, and acrylics for the roof.  Atlas made a nice car requiring minimal modifcation.  The only detailing required was underframe brake piping and air hoses.
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