So, as I stated a few weeks ago, the Pink Panther car sold. HOORAY ME!... Anyway, the new owner requested that the car lose it's safety stripes and get a new number to suit his era of operations. I said, "Cool, let me see what I can whip up for ya!". I mean come on, if you're gonna drop a serious amount of change on one of my cars, I'll gladly adjust things.

So, out went the stripes, out went the CPAA and stencil font, (which quite frankly, after seeing the recent abundance of CPAA pink hoppers floating around, was a good thing!), in came the NAHX reporting marks. As I was reworking the car, I decided I should try to strip off the patches as well. The car just didn't seem to flow with patches and the new Roman lettering. So, the patches were carefully scraped away. The next order of business was to try to blend the weathering back in a bit. Easier than it sounds I found but I think I did a decent job with it. Anyway, the car is finally finished and ready to be shipped to it's new home.  To be quite honest, I like the car as it sits now much better than in it's original incarnation. Changing things around was a challenge but I always appreciate a challenge and come on, how many guys do you know that would totally change the look of a completely finished model!