Yeah, The Weathering Shop has done itÖ again! What youíre going to be seeing in a few short moments is one of those cars that transcends model railroading and enters the realm of art. This car isnít just a model; itís a piece of rolling art. Art on wheels I guess you could call it.

The canvas for this artwork was sent to us a few weeks ago. Itís the soon to be released ExactRail 64í TrinCool Reefer. Iím sure youíve seen more than a few of these cars making the rounds on ExactRailís Facebook page, TrainLife and YouTube. Did you really think we werenít going to get one too?

Let me tell you about this car. It is without a doubt the nicest model Gary and I have ever worked on. Yeah, thatís right, I said Gary and I, more on that in a second. Back to the reefer, this is honestly a superb model. The detail is amazing.  If you have the chance to get your hands on one, I highly suggest you do so. They are worth every penny youíre going to put out for them.

As I said, I got this car a few weeks ago.  That being the case, I knew I couldnít bust out a fully tagged car, (which is exactly what these tend to be),  on my own in such a short time so as to have this model done before they were available to the public.  I guess itís a good thing that the guy who does the best hand painted graffiti Iíve ever seen on HO-Scale models just so happens to be one of my best friends, huh? I guess you can call this the first ever Garemy Project. 

My part was relatively simple; a light weathering job. Contrary to what you might have heard these cars do in fact weather. Anyone who tells you different simply doesnít pay attention to detail. In studying various prototype photos I noticed that most of the grime and grit accumulates around the seams, the door, ends and bottom sill. I started with some A.I.M powders on the panel seams. You canít imagine how unruly gray powder can be on a white car. Up next was the door detail. This model is so detailed that this part was actually pretty simple. Micro washes are my friend and I think the end result is pretty damn nice. Subtle but just right. The rest of the car was pretty much the same; washes and powders. The trucks, ends and roof all got similar treatment.  I did manage to sneak a streak in though!

Iíll stop babbling now and get to the real star of this project. The hand painted  graffiti. Thatís right. The tags on this model were all done by handÖ with a brushÖ and paint. No decals, no markers, no sharpies. No Photoshop, no ALPS printer. No ruler or straight edge for that matter. Itís absolutely amazing to me what Gary can do when it comes to graffiti. He works left to right, color by color and he pretty much can copy what he sees in a photo on a model. Freehand. The graffiti on this car is in fact from a real car and you can see it HERE. Gary spent, in all, 16 hours over two days on these tags. And they rock! I think itís safe for me to say that this is easily Garyís best work to date.

Check out The Weathering Shopís version of the new ExactRail TrinCool Reefer.

Yes, we are also offering this car up for sale.  The price for this one is $700.00. As I said, itís not every day that you get a model weathered by twoÖ pretty decent artists. Add to that the fact that the tags are absolutely amazingly ridiculously good and they are complimented by just the right amount of weathering. What you end up with is a model that is just about as good as youíll see for sale. Here or anywhere. Itís not just a model, itís art.

Fine print. Weíre realists. We do listen to offers and we do take payments. Email us and weíll work something out.

Thank you