I have always been interested in how things work, and the intricate details and workings that go with all things mechanical and electrical.

I received toy Lima trains as a young kid and my father helped me set them up and run them, made some basic layouts as we moved house a few times.

As I grew into my teens I was disassembling the trains and seeing how they worked, put them back together, add some details or change the paint scheme, add decals, and even tried some weathering, In my later teens I made another layout and added all the wiring and switches to run 2 trains and that started me on my Electrical career. Then as most guys do I put all this aside got my driverís licence and got into restoring muscle cars and racing Rally cars,  then 20 years later Iíve come full circle and got back into trains when I was painting and weathering some Warhammer figures with my Kids and thought I would dig out some old trains and give them a go, and after seeing what was being done by others on the internet, I have been hooked ever since.

I donít follow a particular railroad era, just model what has good rust and weathering features I would like to duplicate, then just as important as the weathering is the photos to display what I have created. The weathering is to create a train as close to real as possible and the photo has to carry that to the viewer.

I hope you will enjoy checking out my model trains as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Terence Boardman