Iíve been a model maker for over 60 years, but not specifically railroad orientated.  But the past 33 years I have been railroad focused, particularly NS and its absorbed RR companies.  I have built one end to end British outline exhibition layout here in the US and shipped it over the pond to the Brit crew I hang with from time to time. They later extended it to a continuous run oval exhibition layout.  Hereís a youtube vid of it in operation at one of the UK expos.  https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wI1yRXVUTyk    After its 10 years on the circuit at an average of three expos per year it was finally sold.   The next layout the group exhibited, I built some additional structures for it, namely all seven of the fully functional signals and the modern signal box (tower).  https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=FWuywgR2RJw

As an engineer in my professional career and awarded seven patents for heavy machinery and equipment inventions within the paper manufacturing industry, I find myself compelled to model with the highest accuracy possible.  Yep, a rivet counter I most certainly am, kinda in my genes now like it or not.  Learning the reason why accuracy is so important to me I think its because back then we didnít CNC lathes and mills etc that could produce conforming parts every time.   Pre CNC machinery era was much different with parts turned on a lathe individually to plus/minus tolerances that required hand fitting.  My time spent on the shop floor hand fitting 1000ís of machined parts to match together taught me a lot about careful use of hand tools and fitting component parts together.  Thus my penchant, or I should really say my obsession with accuracy brings me to my bailiwick, scratch building anything.  I favor engines over anything, which I enjoy constructing most.  Being old school I plod along making my own parts, jigs and building aids, never in a rush to complete a model.  Some of you will know me from the etched parts I design for myself and offering what I donít need to any modeler who may find a use for them on their models.

You Guys who show your work on The Weathering Shop and The Rustbucket, thank you, I would be poorer without it.  You are my inspiration to model what I do.  Iím honored to be associated with such a fine crew.