So, here we are after what, four years? I can't even remember... That's just how it goes when weathering gets shuffled down the list of priorities in life. You know, gardening and BBQing. Anyway, it's good to be back. I always tend to say a little something about my models when they're finished simply to mark the occasion. It helps me to know what I was thinking on the day I wrote what I wrote. Sometimes I just shake my head, some times I nod. That's the way things go with this stuff. You look at something you did two or three or four years ago and you usually tend to love it or leave it.

Back to the model. This is an Athearn 2-Bay ACF in Western Maryland paint, patched for CSX. I think the first paint I threw on this model was way back in 2007 or 2008. I can hardly remember. In Jeremyland, time just kind of blends together when we're talking about models.
Every model I attempt usually has some sort of challenge associated with it. And usually the challenge doesn't become apparent until I've already started the model and gotten well into it. With this one it was figuring out a way to pull off the really opaque streaks on the TASM side and the "fluffy" rust on the .NTEL side. I think both challenges were met and conquered rather well. And, hey, now I have a couple new tricks up my sleeve for future projects.

I usually name my models and this one was tentatively dubbed the 'Storm Trooper' simply because of the black on white paint scheme. I think I prefer 'The Western Maryland'. Yeah, it's a mouthful but I'm not sure I can recall any other Western Maryland weathered models... Ever. I'm sure I'm wrong. But hey, how many times did a Storm Trooper ever hit anything he was aiming for? This model hits exactly the right spot.